Profile: Rosemary Hackforth (Deaf)

I was born in Hertfordshire and went to Mill Hill Oral School for the deaf in Sussex for 12 happy years. (It is now Mary Hare Primary School in Newbury) I worked in a typing pool in the Treasurer's Department at Hertford County Hall for three years then I married Malcolm and lived at Village Way, Beckenham for 25 years, where I had and brought up our two lovely hearing children. In 1986 I went back to work when Malcolm was made redundant from Twinlock at Elmers End where he had worked for 39 years as a book binder, then as gold finisher. I worked at Holwood (William Pitt had lived there once ) as a Data Input Operator in the Accounts department for five years, before the firm was taken over by another company requiring us to move to Gatwick where I worked as a Fixed Asset Clerk for three years. My present lovely home is at Keston, where we've lived for almost 22 years enjoying retirement. I am also enjoying watching my three lively grandsons growing up.

I was on Bromley Chain Committee for about 10 years when it was first formed. I was the one who started the very first newsletters for Bromley Chain by typing, photocopying, collating and inserting into prepared addressed envelopes two or three times a year. I am very happy to rejoin the committee and to help Bromley Chain supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing people in the Borough of Bromley. I was also a volunteer and part time administrator at Bromley Deaf Access Centre for a short time.

My daughter Marisa was a teacher of the deaf at Jubilee School, Tulse Hill, for three years then peripatetic teacher of the deaf for two years, 2001 - 2006. She has moved on and now is Deputy Head Teacher at Rotherhithe.