Profile: Roger Vincent-Townend (Hearing)

I have spent my early working life in local government, first at Southwark in municipal engineering, then Public Health, followed by Housing, and finally Town Planning in Lambeth. I first early retired in 1997. In 1998 I started full-time working as the Front Desk Receptionist at Beckenham Hospital, which was totally rebuilt in 2009 and re-named The Beckenham Beacon. In 2013, some 15 years later, following a minor stroke, I again retired and became a home-based trainee silver surfer!

I originally became involved with Bromley Chain by default, via Di Vincent's Hard of Hearing Club at the Bertha James Centre in the early '80s. My wife, Sue, who is a friend of Di, volunteered me to help put up the loop system! Until that time I had never had any direct involvement with the deaf community. Sometime in the mid '80s I joined the Committee of Bromley Chain and now, after over a quarter of a century, many carnivals, floats, stalls (the famous 'shop front' is still in my garage!) and a Vice-Chairmanship later, I am still a hearing committee member, although I now have to wear a simple NHS hearing-aid.

Kathleen, our Patron, and I spent many hours drafting the new Bromley Chain Constitution which was approved by the Charity Commission at the beginning of the millennium but because our annual income is low we only have to send them updating committee profiles etc.

Now in 2015 I have been elected as your charity’s Chairman and I will strive to maintain our programme of ‘good works’.