MAKING SENSE IN SIGN - a lifeline for a deaf child (Multilingual Matters Ltd)

Bromley Chain was founded, mainly by parents of deaf children, in the year of our sonʼs birth and, after he was profoundly deafened by meningitis at the age of 5 months, his peripatetic teacher gave me details of this new local charity. A few months later it was he who suggested we sign with our baby.

I joined the committee but little thought Tom would grow up to one day become the youngest ever deaf chair of Bromley Chain, or that I would one day write a  book about
him (which was started when he was 3 years and finished as he reached the age of 21!) It was printed during Deaf Awareness week in 2003 and is now being reprinted, to order, in 2017.

To update his story I have written two blogs for the publisher and been given their permission for them to also appear on our re-vamped website, with links to their own.

Jenny Froude
September 2017

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