Committee Member


Profile: Carmen Salguero (Hearing-aid User)

Having lived in Bromley for the last 25 years I first joined Bromley Chain Committee about 1990 and remained on the Committee for several years. I ceased to be a Chain member several years ago.

For some years my hearing has been getting progressively worse and I am finding life more difficult to cope with.

I have now rejoined Bromley Chain with the objective of getting more involved in the Community and getting to know more deaf people time permitting.

I have studied BSL (British Sign Language) up to stage I and II level and became quite proficient. However, I have not been able to make much used of this skill because I have not mixed with or had contact with many deaf people.

I Qualified as a Teacher, having studied the relevant City and Guilds of London Institute Course and for some years gave Sports Lessons to children in after school clubs. I am also a qualified therapist.

My passion has always been sports.As a young person I played Volleyball and Basketball I also took part in Athletics. These sports activities I continued to play for many years. However, I now only play Badminton at social meetings.