Minutes Secretary

Chainmail Editor

Profile: Jenny Froude (Hearing)

When Bromley Chain was registered our youngest son was recovering from the meningitis at 5 months which left him profoundly deaf. I have been on its committee since the early 80s and for the past 15 years have edited its newsletter, Chainmail, which has changed from the single photocopied sheet of its early days to the current, professionally produced, 8-page colour version which is free to all members and circulated to libraries and other interested parties.

I was a journalist on Woman's Weekly for 15 years but new communication methods were needed when Tom (who was to eventually become chair of Bromley Chain and a founder of Bromley Deaf Social) was a baby and I studied Signed English and BSL. My book Making Sense in Sign - a Lifeline for a Deaf Child (Multilingual Matters Ltd.) celebrates his first 21 years (and now I can delight in seeing him communicate with his hearing baby daughter!)

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