New vacancy for Bromley Chain Committee

BROMLEY CHAIN (registered charity no. 281051) was set up in 1980 by parents of deaf children, to be a link with deaf adults/families for them and their hearing or deaf parents, and to be an independent voice for them in the Borough of Bromley.

We have campaigned, supported, befriended and fund-raised ever since and Deaf Access was born as a direct result of the Trusteesʼ efforts in identifying the need for such a centre.

That is now history. Today our committee is in urgent need of some new, younger members!
If you are a parent, sibling, or colleague of a deaf person, or are studying sign language or have an interest in extending your knowledge of the world of deaf or hard-of-hearing children and adults perhaps you would like to join us?

Meetings take place about every 8 weeks at St. Georgeʼs Church Hall Rooms, 7 Albemarle Road, Beckenham, BR3 5HZ (on bus/tram/train routes) and 2 BSL interpreters and an electronic note-taker are present. There are 4 deaf members, one hard-of-hearing member, a parent of a deaf man and a hearing member who joined many years ago while learning sign language. Our combined experiences and contacts make for a balanced committee!

By joining our friendly, informal committee you could help us support local ventures and initiatives, and add your voice/hands to ours when it comes to discriminatory cuts/changes (e.g.the axing of BSL classes at BAEC).

Contact details can be found on our website and feel free to come as an observer to one of our meetings to get an idea of Bromley Chainʼs role.